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Welcome to Aline's Stue.

And take a look inside our cozy home. A building with a history, a true Nordlandshus. Built in the 17th century. The structure follows the construction style of a tømmerhus, with walls built from stacked logs.

We have two double rooms for our guests (one on the ground floor and one on the second floor) and two single rooms on the second floor. The beds are made, and the towels are ready.

Guests can collectively use our guest bathroom on the ground floor and a special guest living room on the second floor 

Aline's Stue

But Aline's Stue is not called Aline's Stue for nothing. 'Stue' means living room in Norwegian, so it's Aline's living room. Everyone is welcome in Aline's Stue, even in our large living room. Everyone should be able to enjoy this unique location in beautiful Northern Norway together with us.



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