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Warm welcome to Aline's Stue! 

 "Welcome to my 'stue,' my living room."


 "a paradise"

"It looks like a postcard."

"Straight out of a home magazine."


All descriptions of our house by people who have visited our location before. So, secretly, we feel quite privileged to live here...

In our beautiful home, where the living room takes center stage, we have set up our B&B...


Come and enjoy with us this breathtaking environment on a fjord, open water, and a completely different wildlife than in your own surroundings. Around our house, there are moose, reindeer, foxes, otters swimming in the fjord, a lot of fish in the fjord, sea eagles flying over our house. We only need to take a few steps outside to see the Northern Lights. In the summer, we have 24 hours of light with the midnight sun, and you can walk to our private sandy beach. Experience all the beauty of Norway in one place!




I look forward to 'hjertelig velkommen' you together with Anton and our two dogs.


Vi sees



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